Here Kitty, Kitty



The campaign, for our longstanding partner Busch Gardens, was a first ever attraction launch of its kind within the industry. Our mission was to raise expectation about the parks newest mega-attraction, Cheetah Hunt. Spectrum conceptualized, produced and deployed a multimedia 5-month campaign in 3 languages leading right up to the park’s official global announcement.


• Roll out information about the next mega attraction in a strategic and controlled manner.

• Sub-divide information and distribute through several web channels.

• Culminate by letting the audience participate in bringing the pieces together.

• Prepare audience for official attraction announcement.


Spectrum devised this campaign within a response-based framework, taking fans from awareness, garnering interest, offering engagement opportunities, and ending on an expectation high-note. The campaign included many different types of deliverables, among them: captivating teasers, humorous and engaging webisode series starring key park executives, construction wall artwork, several micro-sites, online game and full 3D animations of the attraction.

The Results

+83% increase in Twitter followers
+45% increase in Facebook likes
+610% increase in Youtube channel views
+241% increase in Youtube Subscribers
+102% increase in Blog traffic