Talkin’ ‘Bout My


We launched a movement with help from Bindi Irwin


Spectrum was given an opportunity of a lifetime by longtime partner SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment by matching our strengths in storytelling with a new voice of a generation! We partnered with the organization in launching a new initiative called Generation Nature, a progressive, youth-media brand dedicated to recognizing the important role that kids play in the future of our world and engaging them to take action.

The idea was to connect celebrity-host and animal ambassador Bindi Irwin with conservation-minded kids as an inspirational leader – to get kids engaged and active in conservation and to be game changers within their natural world. To help bring GenN to life, Spectrum created a new non-traditional web series which blended well-defined messaging and themes, along with progressive online communications techniques, working as a complete, integrated delivery platform.


Our approach to the GenN web series was non-traditional – specifically to connect to our tween target audience. Each 4-5 minute episode tells the story through Bindi’s vlog-style journal entry – along with informational content and a specific challenge to bring each topic to life. Understanding the sensibilities of this unique target audience, the series was constructed and packaged with contemporary online content techniques, production sensibilities and graphic elements, blended with the timeless art of storytelling.

The GenN web series has been highly successful in promoting online engagement and activity among our core audience – and through our content development the initiative has even extended to in-park live shows and promotional material.


Along with the creation of the web series Spectrum was challenged with the conception of the brand identity, and developing a mark that not only resonated with our core audience but fully represented the philosophy of the initiative. We tasked ourselves with how to convey the emotional core of the brand which was all about an icon that could empower and inspire. GenN needed a banner to rally under, a flag that represented an energized youth that is looking to put the planet first. This symbol quickly resonated into an iconic flag representing a sense of community and togetherness. Within the flag, each stripe represented the core attributes that Generation Nature instills: education, inspiration and action! Along with the flag elements, the core logo was created with a youthful, natural and clean look – utilizing organic colors and handcrafted fonts to provide a nice balance of education and youthful originality.

Through it all we never lose sight that everything we do starts with a great story... Check out some of those stories below.