Now We’re Cooking



Publix is one of largest premium supermarket chains with locations throughout the Southeastern United States. As a brand, Publix has worked hard to extend its reach into the homes of its consumers and connect with them at various touchpoints – including meal preparation. Enter Aprons, an initiative started by Publix where their culinary experts focus on making cooking fun and fulfilling, and simple enough to fit into today’s busy lifestyles. Its all about helping customers discover (or re-discover) the joys of cooking and giving them the resources to do so, from recipes, cooking school, in-store cooking demonstrations, recipe cards, and ingredients all in one place.

As part of the Aprons initiative, Spectrum partnered with both Publix and national agency 22Squared on a branded content series that brought these quick and delicious recipes to life. These upbeat, short cooking demonstrations portrayed the Publix brand and supported the overarching mission of making cooking fun! Spectrum concepted and produced over 200 episodes of the Aprons series which were distributed online, in-store, and on cable television. We worked hand-in-hand with Publix chef’s to highlight various recipes – along with specific Publix-branded products available in store for purchase. These mini-episodes targeted various audiences, and were time-released for seasonally-specific recipe information and product promotions.


Since its inception, Aprons and its cooking series has continued to be a hugely successful Publix initiative, which has increased its brand awareness & ambassadorship among its target. Additionally, its success has allowed an expanded reach into other ventures including in-store demonstrations and event planning. The Publix Aprons series showcases Spectrum’s expertise in creating branded content, working hand-in-hand with a national brand and agency partner to create original content that aligned with the brand & resonated with its targeted consumers.