Social Promo

When Adventure Island, Tampa’s largest waterpark, wanted to start some buzz about their upcoming 2018 attraction, they came to Spectrum to ideate a cross-platform social promotion. The objective was to tease a new drop slide, but without giving anything away!

The creative team at Spectrum put their heads together and came up with a solution that met the strategy, a playful teaser that isolated the exact moment before the slide releases – hinting at what was to come. We shot a series of isolated reactions on a Phantom high-speed camera, putting together in an incredibly fun soundtrack of slow-motion moments and pop-art colors! 

In addition to the video, we created a series of other assets including an Instagram story, GIF and photography to support the release across social channels.

Finally, in order to accent the fun and uniqueness captured in the visuals of the campaign footage, we developed a custom, marker lettering font. This hand-drawn lettering was used throughout the campaign giving it an authentic, non-structured feel true to the concept.