A Story with Heart

Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is pretty simple when you break it down to the basics…tell the story in the most authentic, passionate and human way possible. As an entertainment and content studio we are always seeking out the story that exists behind the brand, product or person. Give the audience a reason to care and connect. It doesn’t need to be sappy, just real. With Bavaro’s, a fast growing restaurant and pasta sauce brand, we knew we had a great story to leverage and the timing was right to capture it. The brand is only a few years old and has already grown leaps and bounds, but with that growth the family-owned business was in need of communication tools to convey their story behind the brand. Vendors and potential partners all knew they liked the taste and concept but they kept asking those instinctual human questions…”what’s your story?”…”what is it that separates you from the other brands out there and why do I care?” Brand storytelling at it’s fundamental core is all about giving the audience a reason to care, connect and hopefully if done right act upon those emotions. In Bavaro’s case that’s exactly what we did, we stayed true to the story and connected on a human level…offering viewers a window into the passion and the love that goes into everything at Bavaro’s.

"Spectrum is absolutely amazing, they pull your thoughts from your mind and recreate them in media, web and print assuring your brand’s representation is clearly projected and your audience is emotionally captivated." – Dan Bavaro, Founder of Bavaro Brands 

Through it all we never lose sight that everything we do starts with a great story... Check out some of those stories below.