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Multi-Platform Series

Marriott is the world’s leading hotel company with 6,000 hotels in 120 countries. The company boasts an incredible portfolio of brands, inspiring the next generation of travelers to explore their world and unlock the possibilities. As part of Marriott’s ongoing content strategy to use narrative storytelling and entertainment to elevate its portfolio, Spectrum partnered with the brand on a multi-platform series called Hotel Countdown that involved producing with both a television episodic structure and a companion social content in mind.


We’re bringing viewers inside of hotel openings as the clock counts down, showcasing firsthand how concepts and passions turn from plans to reality in locations from New Orleans, Dubai, and everywhere in between. From designers to bar managers who spend countless hours on every detail, it’s a chaotic choreography of cuisine curation, innovative design and driving personalities… all leading up to the grand opening!

Through it all we never lose sight that everything we do starts with a great story... Check out some of those stories below.