Marriott + NBA

Campaign Sizzle


There are only a handful of global brands pushing the creative marketing envelope on the level of hotel giant, Marriott. Their partnership with the NBA Global Games is a prime example. This was a first-of-its kind collaboration; one which Spectrum was honored to help share with the rest of the world.

Working in direct collaboration with Marriott’s content marketing team, Spectrum reviewed the available assets – a batch of game clips and a bit of on-location footage from Shanghai, Rio and London– and then moved to the “aha!” phase. The creative team quickly realized that, if this story was to connect on the level of next-generation travelers (target age 22-34), then the real story wasn’t to be found in individual shots from single games or sponsored events, but in the adrenaline-tinged amped up energy of the full global initiative – all captured in one breathless burst of raw sounds and sights set to a b-ball inspired dubstep mix.

That approach, combined with an animated, hyper-kinetic rush of of compelling text-factoids, channeled the excitement felt by Marriott Rewards Members and, more importantly, it conveyed the bigger story: Marriott Rewards is about more than just a program of earned points and discounts; it’s a VIP lifestyle built around an ever-expanding number of rich and immersive members-only experiences within a continually growing portfolio of Marriott brands. Slam. Dunk. End of story.

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