You want wild?



Billie Swamp Safari is the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s 2200-acre wildlife park, on the edge of the Everglades. Their goal is to immerse visitors in the wild, while also sharing the Seminoles’ story of harmony with nature. A visit to this swamp is best described as controlled chaos, complete with face-to-face encounters with wild alligators, venomous snakes, black bears, panthers and virtually every other native animal the swamp has to throw at them. To ensure a safe visit for his guests, the park’s director, Ed Woods, has enlisted a tough group of characters, each bringing their own unique skill set and passion to the job.


In addition to producing the highly successful series on NatGeo WILD, Spectrum also created the unique design and show packaging. Inspired by the dangers and gritty subject matter the visual approach combined natural textured with a worn and weathered look. The treated visuals and title design portrayed a feeling of extreme risk and adventure all conveyed through fast edits, crushed colors and layered effects.

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